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What can an advertisement painted on this beautiful Victorian Home do? Plenty! For starters it could get my web design business off the ground. Better yet I'll get my house painted, it's looking a bit peeled as of late. But that could all change. Visit the Adzookie site and put a plug in for an ad on this house. Check out the place next door! WOW what a Queen Anne Victorian Beaute. You know how much traffic this house gets in the summer time. All those tourists. Beside that this is the trick or treat capital of the World! I serve over 1000 witches, Star Wars characters and the like on Halloween. And look at that fence. It could hold and ad all by itself. Check out what is growing in front of the fence, those are last year's hops. I promise to keep them trim so the ad shows up. You know this house used to be the old Mirror Lake Hospital. You bet it is on the historical list. Very special Lady that deserves a fresh coat of paint!

Help me out by visiting Adzookie's Facebook page and put the good word in for me.